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Agent Glenn Jungen

Twiddy & Co Sales Outer Banks Realtors

Glenn Jungen has been with Twiddy & Company over 10 years. He grew up in the northeast and graduated with a degree in finance from Arizona State University. Upon graduation Glenn was active in the structured finance and leasing industry from 1984 through 2001.   Read more...

Contact Information

1140 Ocean Trail
P.O. Box 369
Corolla, NC 27927

Glenn's Listings

4300 Carrenda Lane, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949


Location:  Kitty Hawk Westside
Status:  Active

Bedrooms:  4
Baths:  2 / 0 partial

Year Built:  1976
MLS:  90882

Type:  Residential
Waterfront:  None

375 Deep Neck Road, Corolla, NC 27927


Location:  Corolla Oceanside
Status:  Active

Bedrooms:  8
Baths:  7 / 1 partial

Year Built:  1995
MLS:  90334

Type:  Residential
Waterfront:  Oceanfront

722 Crown Point Circle, Corolla, NC 27927


Location:  Corolla Oceanside
Status:  Active

Bedrooms:  6
Baths:  5 / 0 partial

Year Built:  1993
MLS:  90916

Type:  Residential
Waterfront:  Semi-Oceanfront (2nd row)

365 Deep Neck Road, Corolla, NC 27927


Location:  Corolla Oceanside
Status:  Active

Bedrooms:  8
Baths:  8 / 1 partial

Year Built:  1994
MLS:  91065

Type:  Residential
Waterfront:  Oceanfront

842 Whalehead Drive, Corolla, NC 27927


Location:  Corolla Oceanside
Status:  Active

Bedrooms:  5
Baths:  3 / 1 partial

Year Built:  1991
MLS:  90307

Type:  Residential
Waterfront:  3 - lots from oceanfront (4th ro

2225 Ocean Pearl Road, Corolla, NC 27927


Location:  4-Wheel Drive Area
Status:  Active

Lot Size:  15000 sq. feet
MLS:  90959

Type:  Land
Waterfront:  4 - lots from oceanfront (5th ro

2315 Ocean Sands Road, Corolla, NC 27927


Location:  4-Wheel Drive Area
Status:  Active

Lot Size:  14500 sq. feet
MLS:  91083

Type:  Land
Waterfront:  More than 5th row

2234 Sandfiddler Road, Corolla, NC 27927


Location:  4-Wheel Drive Area
Status:  Active

Lot Size:  14600 sq. feet
MLS:  90904

Type:  Land
Waterfront:  Semi-Oceanfront (2nd row)

123 Salt House Road, corolla, NC 27927


Location:  Corolla Oceanside
Status:  Active

Bedrooms:  9
Baths:  8 / 2 partial

Year Built:  2002
MLS:  90982

Type:  Residential
Waterfront:  Oceanfront

n/a Aydlett Road, Aydlett, NC 27916


Location:  Aydlett to Barco
Status:  Active

Lot Size:  731808 sq. feet
MLS:  88865

Type:  Land
Waterfront:  Soundfront


Glenn Jungen has been with Twiddy & Company over 10 years. He grew up in the northeast and graduated with a degree in finance from Arizona State University. Upon graduation Glenn was active in the structured finance and leasing industry from 1984 through 2001. From 1994 through mid 2001 he was the president of the investment subsidiary of a Midwestern utility company, and from late 2001 through 2004 he was an independent consultant to select clients. Glenn and his family have lived in Chicago, Illinois and Evansville, Indiana and have been visiting the Outer Banks since 1987. Glenn permanently relocated to Kitty Hawk in mid 2001 with his wife and two daughters.

Glenn and his wife, Jane, are Team Brokers with Twiddy and Company and have invested in and owned property here since 1987. They look forward to providing you with reliable, professional service, whether you are interested in owning land, a second home, vacation home or investment real estate here on the Outer Banks.

Glenn's knowledge and expertise in the 4 Wheel Drive area is also extensive...call or email him today to answer all your questions regarding Off Road Property. Stop in and say hello at our 4x4 office in the historic Wash Woods Coast Guard Life Saving Station at MP 19.5 where Glenn works every Wednesday or by appointment.

With the changing Real Estate Market over the last two years, we have spent time learning and taking courses to better serve our clients. Jane was recently certified as a SFR Professional - Short Sale and Foreclosure Resources through the NAR. They have experience in both listing and selling "Short Sale" properties and Foreclosure properties. If you have questions or need some advice on how these type of sales work, please call or email today.

Email Glenn at gjungen@twiddy.com

Visit his additional website at http://jjungen.homesandland.com


Murielle and Robbin Laird
A few years ago, my husband and I decided to buy a house in the Outer Banks: till then, we had been renting via Twiddy & Company and had been very happy with the help and service it always provided. So after a few months of being swamped in our own attempt to search the perfect house on the water via internet, we naturally turned to Twiddy for help!

You all know how stressful and difficult finding the “house of your dreams” can be! Well, for us, the whole experience has been totally the opposite: call it fate, luck, God’s Hand, but we were blessed enough to have Jane on the phone the first time we inquired about our OBX adventure. In one single week-end, we had found a real gem on the sound and were able to settle right away at the peak of the market and on a Sunday, thanks to Jane and Glenn’s professionalism, reactivity, dedication and ability to make it all happen in a glimpse...

Not only that, but Jane and Glenn’s unusual kindness, thoughtfulness and character lead us to not only acquire the famous “house of our dreams” in no time, but also to have new “friends for life”, and you know how hard and rare this is past one’s College years!! I have zillions of examples in mind illustrating how sweet and efficient Jane and Glenn are, but there is one I want to share with you as it shows also a great sense of humor on their part:

Once the deal was done, Jane and Glenn did not just say goodbye, they went out of their way to help us in any ways you can think of (local businesses; addresses and phone numbers for all the services we may need; tourism; etc) and continue to do so till this day. But a few weeks after we signed the contract, I had an email from Jane who was worried, because the ex-owner wanted to keep a few items in the house: this owner had been fantastic with us and he just had a little list of personal items he wanted to keep including sweet & low and a bottle of vodka almost empty. Of course, both my husband and I were totally comfortable with this, but impressed by Jane’s integrity, we both responded and joked via separated emails that we did not mind except for those 2 items that we actually really wanted! So next thing we know, we arrive for the first time in the house since we bought it and here, awaiting for us, is a Welcome basket including treats for the kids, a picture of the house... and a box of sweet & low ... and a mini-bottle of Vodka!! I laughed so much when I saw that and thought that these guys were truly unusual!

That week-end I came down with my then-9 year-old daughter to look at the house remains one of the best memories I truly treasure thanks to Jane’s gentleness and ease. Now our OBX home is the theater of many fond memories to come for us and the children, and Jane and Glenn are fully part of the picture...
Mark and Stefanie McMahon
My wife Stef and I had been vacationing in the Outer Banks, with our kids, for over 10 years. We finally decided to take the plunge and purchase but were nervous about finding the right home at the right price. We were lucky to have Jane and Glenn Jungen navigate us through the process. They got to know us, what we were looking for and most importantly what would work for our family. We live outside Philadelphia and couldn't go looking at houses every day but it felt exactly like we were. Jane and Glenn updated us continuously on the changes in the market. They provided only the relevant homes for the size, location and pricing that would fit our needs. We were no longer nervous when the settlement date arrived. Even in this turbulent marketplace we knew we got exactly the right home at the right value. Their attention to detail, knowledge and advice was of the highest caliber.

We don't consider the Jungen's our real estate brokers, we can honestly say that they are now our friends.
Mike and Ashley Lanier
We absolutely love the house you and Glenn helped us find. Having enjoyed the house for our first summer, we have discovered the location to be even more ideal than we originally thought. We hope to recruit more friends to purchase homes in Duck, and will be sure to send them your way.
Sharon and Steve Matulewicz
I’m very excited about “truly” owning our house now…I’ve been there for the past two days trying to clean it and make it our own and I’m still not done…hopefully one more day, but as soon as I do, you and Glenn are the first ones we want to invite over for dinner. Just being there for the past two days makes me want to live there all the time! WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! We can’t thank you enough for making our dreams come true! “SHORE SOUNDS PERFECT” is simply the perfect house for us and our family! Thank you again for helping us find our dream home, and on top of finding the perfect home for us we were also very fortunate enough to find friendship amongst two wonderful, caring, and honest people in the process!!! You both are the best and we are happy you were/are a part of our lives! Can’t wait to get together soon!
Megyn and Michael
January 2014. It is with great pleasure we send to you this “testimonial” of the great service provided by Jane and Glenn Jungen, Twiddy Realty, during the recent sale of our home in Four Seasons, Duck, NC. From the onset, Glenn and Jane were candid about the obstacles and opportunities we would face as we marketed our unique home. Our custom home had been built for year round living with large square footage and high end finishings. When setting the sale price, Glenn and Jane relied on their knowledge of the cost to recreate a similar space rather than being held captive by prices of other homes that had been sold, which were not comparable space. After the initial listing Jane and Glenn set out to market our home to the audience they felt would be most interested. They used global and national marketing tools, both print and electronic. They identified possible “tweaks” that would best portray our home, including an aerial view photo that showed the entire property that couldn’t be captured in a traditional photo. Throughout the process Glenn and Jane stood by their initial value assessment and continued to search for the right buyer. We are happy to report that in December we sold our home at 98.6% of the list price (94% of the original list price). We were delighted with the sale and the buyers are delighted with their purchase.